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One of the biggest questions we get is…


“How can we update our payment systems to be more secure and cost-effective without interrupting our business?”

Here’s an example of exactly what we do.

Starting with our Arrow Payments Assessment we worked with Northwestern University’s Treasury Office to understand the organization with its many business units, determined needs and goals, and presented a variety of emerging payment technologies.

We specialize in finding the right payment technologies, security, and analytics solutions for our clients and implemented the optimal payment system for Northwestern University based on their needs. We did the heavy lifting and worked with third party vendors on behalf of Northwestern to provide a seamless, organized, and systematic transition which resulted in:

  • Compliance with payment card industry (PCI) standards
  • Increased security through encryption
  • Overall cost reduction for electronic payment processing
  • Improved fraud protection

We provide ongoing support to Northwestern University with training, reconciliation, and new software implementation. Ultimately, we are an extension of their team.

Arrow Payments has done it all – from discovery, identification of key issues, recommended courses of action; to onboarding a new payment processor and preferred Qualified Security Assessor, and providing long-range customer service.

- Rich Emrich, Director of Treasury, Northwestern University

At Arrow Payments we obsess over finding the best hardware, software, and best practices for our clients so they can have the most secure, efficient, and cost-effective payments solutions available. This is hard to do and we have devoted our business to this, full time.

Payment processing regulations and technologies are complex and changing so fast that our customers can’t keep up…
We do it for you.