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Payment Processing Solutions

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Payments Are Complex

How Do You Connect The Dots?

With dozens of stakeholders and hundreds of non-integrated payment systems, wrangling the complexity of payments — and building higher education payment solutions that work — simply isn’t happening.

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Disparate Department Fiefdoms

With dozens of departments each with a preferred methodology, it is hard to find solutions that work for everyone.

Dozens of Merchants, Processors, + Systems

Misalignment means each department may have its own system, preferred merchant, and processing systems. 

Rogue FinTech and Shadow Finance

Without understanding the consequences, your stakeholders may devise and install their own, unsecured solutions. 

PCI Compliance + Audits

Your systems intake tons of credit card and cardholder data, increasing the challenge of meeting PCI compliance standards.

Knowledge Transfer + Loss Risk

Should your payment processing specialist leave, you risk losing data and critical, valuable knowledge. 

Low Payment Collections

Inefficient or ineffective systems decrease your ability to collect payments and drive revenue growth across campus. 

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Welcome to modern treasury and financial management.

Average Number of Payment Systems

Treasury Departments Still Manually Reconciling Multiple Systems

Average Number of Software Applications

Merchant Accounts

A Few of our Vendor Partners

Meet just a few of our hundreds of vendor partners. You can have confidence that we can build a solution around your unique vendor relationships.

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What We Do

Payment Processing Solutions

Get a custom solution with an intuitive dashboard to address your complex and unique higher ed system needs.

Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE)

Prevent data breaches with PCI Validated P2PE and reduce PCI compliance scope and costs.

Device Installation

Use your chosen software and integrated devices to create a seamless experience across campus.

Online Payments

Accept payments in the most flexible, convenient way by leveraging your online systems.

Credit Card Processing

Improve your credit card systems to streamline payment processing, improving the cardholder experience.

Reporting + Reconciliation

Get campus-wide visibility into payment system transactions and integrate reconciliation for financial accountability.

Custom Dashboard

Gain control of treasury, finance and accounting with your own custom payments processing dashboard.

Thoughtful, patient & understanding experts helping us upgrade all of our payment systems across campus, improve PCI compliance & secure the entire university against a credit card data breach. We couldn’t have made as much progress in so short of time without Arrow Payments.


Directory of IT Security Policy & Compliance, Mid-Atlantic Public Research University

PCI Compliance + Security

Leverage Secure Higher Education Payment Solutions

Protect data. Protect your institution.

Data is everywhere. So are security threats. Use our payment solutions to securely store credit card and customer data to minimize the risks — and reputation loss — associated with a data breach.

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Payment Efficiency

Accept More Payments. Increase Your Revenue.

Don’t let logistics get in the way of revenue intake.

Legacy systems and inefficient integrations can lead to significant losses for your Treasury department. Increase revenue by accepting new forms of payment.

By using automated billing and accepting the latest payment formats, like EMV chip, NFC Google, and mobile pay, your team saves time and you increase revenue intake. That’s a win-win.

I Want To Increase Revenue


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