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Training, Support + Maintenance

Support Your Campus In Utilizing Payment Technologies

Give everyone on campus the support they need to maximize the benefit of your higher ed payment processing systems.

What We Do

Access Reliable Training, Continuous Support, and Ongoing Maintenance

Training starts day one.

It’s the forgotten piece of higher ed payment processing systems. After the planning and implementation is over, you still need to transition your whole campus to your new systems and train everyone on how to align to your processes.

Use our differentiated training models on an ongoing basis, as new staff enter and upgrades come online, to make sure you get the full benefit of your higher ed payment processing model.

I Want Training + Support

Video chat walk-through? A library of resources? Choose what works best for your team.

How It Works

Meet Your Staff Where They Are With Adaptive Supports

Access customized training for your university teams.

No one learns the same way. That’s why we build a customized support and training program just for you.

We know your need for staff training and support doesn’t go away, so we don’t either. Ongoing support means we’re there today and every day moving forward to support you and your staff.

Get Started With Training

Town Hall Meetings

Host Arrow Payments-moderated Town Hall meetings to provide large-scale updates and process overviews to your staff, while also giving the opportunity for Q&As.

Curated Resource Library

Access training decks, demo videos, documentation, PDFs, and more. We have a curated resource library you can upload to your LMS or access whenever you need.

One-on-One Trainings

Provide direct instruction to those who require a more thorough walk-through of your payment processing solutions.

Zoom Staff Sessions

Use video training once or on an ongoing basis to keep your staff up-to-date on your payment technologies and SOPs.

PCI Training

Check off your mandated annual PCI compliance training. We’ll conduct the training and make sure both staff and systems are ready for the next audit.

Attestation Support

Get support with your bank and processor attestation needs. Do it all at once or a little every month. It’s what works best for you.

Why Arrow Payments

Flexible Support Gives You Better Results

When you choose Arrow Payments, you get far more than a payment solution. You get a partner.

We don’t throw that word around lightly. It’s continuous, ongoing, flexible — we’re part of your university team. An advocate. An expert. A resource.

When something isn’t right with your payment technologies, you don’t call IT. You call us.

Have a question? Ask away. 

Arrow Payments worked with our team into the evening hours to get up and running with registrations… As our first experience with Arrow Payments Support, I am pleased and encouraged. I look forward to a long and successful partnership.

Assistant Director of Enterprise Accounting, Ivy League University

System Maintenance

Smooth sailing starts with proper system maintenance.

You can’t just set it and forget it. We won’t.

Your higher ed payment processing systems aren’t like a light switch. When you implement new payment systems, those systems need continuous monitoring and maintenance.

With Arrow, we offer continuous, ongoing system maintenance so you never have to worry about software updates, transaction errors, or end-of-life hardware issues.

I Want Worry-Free System Maintenance

Discover and Map Your Payment Processes

Not sure where to begin? Start with discovery. We’ll audit, assess, map, and recommend actionable next steps..

Try A Discovery Project

Ongoing Support

Prepare for the next big thing in higher ed payment processing

New PCI requirements. New integrations. Nothing stays the same.

Which is why you need a partner who is on top of those changes. We’re your ears and eyes into the world of payment processing, giving you the edge you need to meet your financial targets, year in and year out.

Stay The Course with Higher Ed Payment Processing Support

Supporting and maintaining your systems starts by making sure you have the right processes in place.

Let’s Talk

Payment Assessments & Solutions Discovery

Get the full picture of every payment system with an exhaustive current state analysis.

Custom Payments Strategy

Devise a custom payments strategy that addresses your short- and long-term goals.

System Implementations + Integrations

Put in place more effective systems and integrate seamlessly with our unique solutions.

PCI Compliance + Payment Security

Protect data and complete SAQs knowing your payment systems are PCI compliant.

Thought Leadership

Get The Latest Insights

Check out the latest reports and articles from Arrow Payments.

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Digitizing Payments for Higher Education 

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Evaluating Higher Education Vendor Security Risks

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Understanding VoIP and PCI DSS 4.0

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Keep Your Teams Up-To-Date With Training, Support and Maintenance

Provide your staff the right support, so they can deliver the results you expect.

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