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Payment Assessments & Solutions Discovery

Payments Assessments for Higher Education Payment Systems

Get an extensive current state analysis through a deep discovery project and start building a strategy for the future of your higher education payment systems.

Plan A Discovery Project

You Need Visibility To Make A Plan

Until you have a complete picture of how your campus payment systems are working — how many systems there are, what departments are actually doing, how much you are spending, and how much revenue is lost — you can’t make a plan.

Let us do the tedious work — interviewing departments, determining improvements, researching solutions — and then give you the overview so we can modernize your higher education payment systems together.

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The State Of Payment Affairs

Legacy technology and antiquated processes mean departments lack the tools to improve operational efficiencies, PCI compliance and costs.

of Employees Admit Using Rogue Tools

Average Number of Months Treasury is Behind Goals

of Treasury Directors Say They Lack Full Visibility into Payments

Annual Estimated Budget Lost to Inefficient Payment Systems

Discovery gives you visibility and a better path forward.

Discovery Process

How We Assess Higher Education Payment Systems

In an exhaustive review of your current payment processing systems, we gather data from every department to create an inter-system map of your payments, opportunities, and risks.

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Survey & Interview Departments

Send us out to the far reaches of campus, where we’ll meet with every concerning department, investigate and document processes, and uncover what’s really happening with payments.

Audit Systems

Find out if devices are PCI compliant — and working. We’ll review payment systems and provide you a detailed presentation similar to your annual audit, except that we’re here to mend non-compliance.

Analyze Statements & Vendor Agreements

Give us your documentation stacks and we’ll comb through every detail, revealing new insights and data that doesn’t quite line up with cost-effectiveness.

Identify Payment Gaps

Find out where revenue isn’t coming in like it should and identify what departments need to improve payment acceptance across campus. With this information, we’ll optimize your higher education payment systems.

Provide Recommendations

Get actionable recommendations based on our fieldwork expertise. After building solutions for several Big Ten, Ivy League, state and community colleges across the country, we know how to implement higher education payment systems that work.

Design a Roadmap

Take control of your systems with payment processing solutions across dozens of vendors that address department needs, reign in shadow finance, and give you complete visibility of your PCI compliant higher education payment systems.

Launch A Discovery

This exhaustive review is an easy and affordable way to connect the dots across campus. You won’t need an RFP, and you won’t have to do much of anything. Our experts will gather all the data and give you a clear picture into payments and PCI compliance.

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Payments Assessments

Improve Success With Higher Education Payment Systems Expertise

With an extensive, college payments systems-specific discovery, you gain visibility and have access to all the data points.

  • Get the Full Picture
  • Know What’s Working
  • Know What Isn’t
  • Put a Plan in Place

Custom Dashboard

Maintain Visibility with Custom Dashboards for Financial Management

No matter what we discover today, it will change tomorrow. New challenges arise and taking control of Treasury and Finance doesn’t happen overnight.

With your own Custom Dashboards — built to give you complete visibility and control of your higher education payment systems — you won’t lose sight of the transactions moving forward.

I want a Custom Dashboard

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Merchant Services Support and PCI Compliance

Do More Than Discover. Evolve.

Discovery opens the doors to uncovering the gaps in PCI compliance. Payment processing solutions take you farther.

View All Merchant Services Support

Custom Payments Strategy

Devise a custom payments strategy that addresses your short- and long-term goals.

System Implementation + Integrations

Put in place more effective systems and integrate seamlessly with our unique solutions.

Training, Support + Maintenance

Access payments expertise, systems support, and PCI compliance help with our dedicated team.

PCI Compliance + Payment Security

Protect data and complete SAQs knowing your payments systems are PCI compliant.

Thought Leadership

Get The Latest Insights

Check out the latest reports and articles from Arrow Payments.

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Digitizing Payments for Higher Education 

Digitizing Payments for Higher Education 

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Evaluating Higher Education Vendor Security Risks

Evaluating Higher Education Vendor Security Risks

Higher education vendor security risks must take center stage for colleges and universities. Schools work with dozens of third-party vendors that pose serious security vulnerabilities. When it comes to payments vendors, the stakes are higher.  Without a solid vendor...

University Incident Response Planning Guide

University Incident Response Planning Guide

Cyberattacks have become an unfortunate reality for many institutions, including colleges and universities. A 2023 SonicWall report highlights how malware attacks against colleges and universities increased significantly between 2021 and 2022.  Higher education...

Understanding VoIP and PCI DSS 4.0

Understanding VoIP and PCI DSS 4.0

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) offers numerous benefits to higher ed, including improved operational processes and better customer service. As remote education and hybrid models persist, VoIP has served a strategic role in enabling schools to maintain unified...

Gain Visibility into Your Higher Education Payment Systems

Find out what’s happening in every department and start building solutions that address fundamental needs.

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