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University Credit Card Processing

Manage the Complexity of University Credit Card Processing

Streamline payment processing, improve the cardholder experience, and gain a watchful advocate.

University Credit Card Processing Overview

Get Constant Rate Verification with University Credit Card Processing Solutions

Hawk-eyed statement reviews save you time and money.

Twice per year, credit card processors adjust rates — and those rate adjustments rarely benefit the university.

We advocate on your behalf, combing through statements, writing to processors, auditing and optimizing systems so you can offer the best functionality while reducing excess costs.

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Gain an advocate who helps you avoid overcharges and fee increases.

of Employees Admit Using Rogue Tools

Average Number of Months Treasury is Behind Goals

of Treasury Directors Say They Lack Full Visibility into Payments

Annual Estimated Budget Lost to Inefficient Payment Systems

How It Works

More Flexibility. More Efficiency. Less Cost.

Make sure the credit card processors you’re working with are the right fit. We’ll assess and identify the optimal processors — and verify rates and fees, so you don’t spend more than you need to.

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Audit Your Current Processors

Start with an inventory of credit card processors — whether that’s one of a dozen.

Identify Optimal Processors

Determine which university credit card processors offer your departments the best functionality.

Analyze Statements

Make sure your statements line up. We’ll do the heavy lifting to analyze your processor statements.

Leverage Interchange Optimization

Get the lowest rates possible for each individual transaction by using interchange optimization.

Streamline All Your Systems

Consolidate processors, gateways and devices to maximize security and minimize effort.

Your Complete Guide to PCI Compliance

Discover five basic steps to reaching compliance and better protecting cardholder data.

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Complex Statements Include Hidden Fees

One university saved $100,000 by working with us.

You need an expert on your side to make sure you have the right university credit card processing solutions in place.

Credit card processors use complex algorithms and irregular mathematics, burying it all in complex, lengthy statements. Save time. Save money. Put us on the job.

We won’t let you down.

I Want To Save Money Too

Address PCI Compliance with University Credit Card Processing

Choose the best processors for your needs while accounting for PCI compliance.

By protecting cardholder data and minimizing excess PCI scope, you can reduce risk and cost — while making payments better. What’s not to love?

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Payment Processing Solutions

University Credit Card Processing Is Just One Piece of the Puzzle

Find new ways to streamline your payment processing with solutions built for higher education.

Explore All Payment Processing Solutions

Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE)

Devise a custom payments strategy that addresses your short- and long-term goals.

Payment Devices + Terminals

Use your chosen software and integrated devices to create a seamless experience across campus.

Online Payments

Accept payments in the most flexible, convenient way by leveraging your online systems.

Reporting + Reconciliation

Get campus-wide visibility into payment system transactions and integrate reconciliation for financial accountability.

Custom Dashboard

Gain control of treasury, finance and accounting with your own custom payments processing dashboard.

Thought Leadership

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Check out the latest reports and articles from Arrow Payments.

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Choose the Best University Credit Card Processing Solutions

Navigate the arena of processors to choose those that are best in terms of flexibility, efficiency and cost — and catch the hidden fees before it’s too late.

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