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Offer Secure Online Payments for Higher Ed

Accept payments in the most flexible, convenient way by leveraging your online systems.

Higher Ed Online Payments Overview

Navigate the World Of Payment Gateways

Build secure, convenient systems for higher ed online payments.

Start accepting higher ed online payments right away.

Use our hosted payment pages to start maximizing revenue collection, without adding excess PCI scope or having to host or manage credit card data on your servers.

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Security and convenience go hand-in-hand with PCI compliant online payments.

How It Works

Integrate and Secure Your Higher Ed Online Payments

Many universities and colleges today struggle to give students the online payment options they expect.

With Arrow Payments, universities leverage online systems to increase revenue and improve the student experience.

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Collect More Payments

Accept more payments from more people by offering a secure and convenient payment solution to students, staff and families.

Reduce Your PCI Scope

Minimize the number of people processing payments and the need for excess systems by offering secure and convenient online payments.

Integrate with Internal Software

Integrate your payments with internal software systems to give your team better visibility into transactions.

Simplify Reconciliation

Accept payments into an integrated higher ed online payment system to reduce the challenges of reconciling payments in secondary systems after-the-fact.

Manage Your Headcount

Save on headcount by engaging a team of payment experts. Don’t put the heavy lifting of online payment implementation and support on your strategic resources.

Get a Secure Hosted Website

Start accepting payments immediately with your new hosted payments page. Get all the benefits of online payments without having to host or manage credit card data on your own servers.

Five Ways To Secure Payment Data in the Era of Remote Work

Get our checklist to find out how you can secure university payment data as people continue to engage in remote learning and work.

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Start Using Your Hosted Payment Page Right Away

1 day till you’re accepting online payments.

Standing up and building out a secure hosted payments page that accepts online payments within PCI compliance standards takes work. Luckily, we’re experienced at doing just that.

By removing the merchant website completely from PCI scope, we offer you a secure online payment portal you can start using in as little as one day, depending on your processor(s).

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Connect with the PCI Compliance Experts

We know the standards. We’ve got eyes on your systems.

PCI compliance isn’t optional — and it isn’t easy if you’re working off legacy technology.

Embed PCI compliance into your payment systems starting at ground zero, so you don’t have to spend more money and resources on getting up to speed.

Explore PCI compliance solutions

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Today’s Campus Does More Than Online Payments

Find new ways to streamline your payment processing with solutions built for higher education.

Explore all Payment Processing Solutions

Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE)

Prevent data breaches with PCI Validated P2PE and reduce PCI compliance scope and costs.

Payment Devices + Terminals

Use your chosen software and integrated devices to create a seamless experience across campus.

Credit Card Processing

Improve your credit card systems to streamline payment processing, improving the cardholder experience.

Reporting + Reconciliation

Get campus-wide visibility into payment system transactions and integrate reconciliation for financial accountability.

Custom Dashboard

Gain control of treasury, finance and accounting with your own custom payments processing dashboard.

Thought Leadership

Stay Up-To-Date With Higher Ed Online Payment Insights

Share insights with your peers and discover the latest trends with our thought leadership.

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The Evolution of Higher Education Cyber Attacks

The Evolution of Higher Education Cyber Attacks

Higher education faces unique challenges when it comes to cybersecurity. Data breaches and ransomware attacks continue to plague colleges and universities, though most have taken steps to combat these threats. Even so, a recent report by cybersecurity company...

Guarding Against Payments Fraud

Guarding Against Payments Fraud

Payments fraud is a serious and ongoing challenge for treasury practitioners, requiring an increasing amount of vigilance and foresight. According to the 2023 AFP Payments Fraud and Control Survey, 65% of organizations reported being victims of payments fraud in 2022,...

Cultivating Emotional Intelligence in Leadership

Cultivating Emotional Intelligence in Leadership

We’ve discussed how emotional intelligence (EQ) makes you better at business. We’ve even talked about how EQ and payments are tied together. This article explores why EQ is crucial for leaders to possess. Yes, technical skills and a strategic mindset are valuable...

The Digital Campus Payments Imperative

The Digital Campus Payments Imperative

Higher education institutions are increasingly transitioning to digital campus payments – and with good reason. The move is primarily driven by evolving student preferences, though the need for enhanced security and better efficiency are factors, too.  Digital campus...

Offer Flexible Higher Ed Online Payments for Students and Staff

Make paying you easy.

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