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Simplify University Payment Processing & PCI Compliance

Get secure university payment processing systems and comprehensive support.

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University Payment Systems

Solve your higher ed payment system challenges.

Get clarity, get control.

Campuses are like little cities where every department has their own processes, software, and payment needs. Dismantle the silos and start optimizing payments.

Address PCI Compliance

Reduce risk and secure cardholder data.

Get the Full Picture

Use a custom dashboard to improve visibility.

Focus on Strategy

Support your institution’s financial management strategy.

Collect More Payments

Streamline and improve systems to increase revenue.

Deliver Better Experiences

Give students and staff better, more secure solutions.

Improve Payment Processing with Payments Expertise

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University Payment Processing Systems

We assess the situation, dismantle the silos, and design the solutions.

Discover the current state of higher ed payment systems and put in place solutions that address every department, every processor, every merchant, and every system.

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Our Solutions

Payment Processing Solutions

Get a custom solution that fills the gaps — from athletic ticketing to the cafeteria and alumni development.

Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE)

Prevent data breaches with PCI Validated P2PE and reduce PCI compliance scope and costs.

Device Installation

Use your chosen software and integrated devices to create a seamless experience across campus.

Online Payments

Accept payments in the most flexible, convenient way by leveraging your online systems.

Credit Card Processing

Improve your credit card systems to streamline payment processing, improving the cardholder experience.

Reporting + Reconciliation

Get campus-wide visibility into payment system transactions and integrate reconciliation for financial accountability.

Custom Dashboard

Gain control of treasury, finance and accounting with your own custom payments processing dashboard.

Our Services

Merchant Services Support & PCI Compliance

Prevent data breaches and complete audits with ease. Gain access and visibility into all the data at your fingertips.

Payment Assessments & Solutions Discovery

Get the full picture of every payment system with an exhaustive current state analysis.

Custom Payments Strategy

Devise a custom payments strategy that addresses your short- and long-term goals.

System Implementations + Integrations

Put in place more effective systems and integrate seamlessly with our unique solutions.

Training, Support + Maintenance

Access payments expertise, systems support, and PCI compliance help with our dedicated team.

PCI Compliance + Payment Security

Protect data and complete SAQs knowing your payments systems are PCI compliant.

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I have been very impressed, and thankful for the commitment and speed with which Arrow Payments has worked to move all of our campus merchants toward compliance with PCI DSS. The Arrow team has proven to be an invaluable partner, augmentation to our staff, and source of real expertise.

Richard Emrich

Directory of Treasury, Northwestern University

Discover the Path Towards Better University Payment Systems

Get immediate visibility into your higher ed payment systems with an in-depth discovery — where we do all the work — and gain instant actionable recommendations that lead to better financial outcomes.

Find Out How Discovery Works

What We Do

You’re The Heroes. We’re Just Here To Help.

Your campus is complex. With custom higher ed payment system solutions, we help you break down the barriers between departments and start focusing on modern treasury and financial management.

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Reveal the Payments & PCI Landscape

Send us forth to the far reaches of campus to build a complete payment picture, then collaborate with us to connect the dots, reveal the current state, and improve PCI compliance.

Devise & Design the Best Solution

Your departments need custom payment solutions that fit your campus — and only your campus — while optimizing payment processing services.

Support Your Teams with Strategy

Get back to the important work. We build, implement, test, train, and remain on standby as long as you’ll have us, so you always have support.

Capture the Information You Need

Be prepared when the next audit comes up. Give leadership the data to support improving treasury performance and delivering better services campus-wide.

Overhauling Payments For Northwestern

Learn how we helped Northwestern University overhaul payments and PCI with P2PE.

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About Us

We Have One Goal. Simplify Payments for Higher Ed.

It’s people first, then payments.

Streamlining processing, supporting merchant services, tracking PCI compliance — yes, that’s our daily business. For over 15 years, we’ve been hard at work uncovering the complexity of campus systems and building solutions that make payments simple.

For the team at Arrow Payments, our work goes beyond payments technology. We strive everyday to improve the lives and lifestyles of our clients.

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Thought Leadership

Stay Up-To-Date With University Payment Systems

Share insights with your peers and discover the latest trends with our thought leadership.

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Why PCI Compliance is Critical for Higher Education

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New Frontiers: AI-Powered Campus Payments

New Frontiers: AI-Powered Campus Payments

Over the last decade, campus payments in higher education have undergone a significant transformation. The trends have moved from cash and traditional credit card transactions to AI-powered campus payments and other methods. This shift reflects broader trends toward...

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