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A Firewall is never Enough

There are many ways to protect your institution’s data from a cyber data breach, including using and maintaining a firewall for your network. But while a firewall may stop the spread of malware or a cyber attack on your network, it does not prevent your data from being unusable.

You’ve seen it in the news and online. The number of successful data breaches skyrocketed in 2017 and are only expected to get worse, especially within universities and educational institutions.

Prevention is key! Rather than playing defense with malicious hackers, move to higher ground and transition your data to Point-To-Point Encryption (P2PE) which removes all readable card data from your operations, computers, networks, and servers leaving potential hackers with useless encrypted card data.

“It’ll never happen to us, we’re too small” is NOT a good attitude to have

Size doesn’t matter. In 2017, there were over 150 data breaches in educational institutions alone. With the cost of data breaches rising, it is more important now to protect the data that could potentially be used for fraud or malicious use.

Hackers do not discriminate on the size of the institution, and might even expect less security from smaller institutions. Protecting your sensitive data from any attack by keeping everything encrypted with P2PE is a necessary step to save your institution time, money and its reputation.

Work with a trusted ally

Arrow Payments works one-on-one with our clients to assess and find solutions for university department payment needs. Along with researching secure solutions, implementing upgraded technologies, training users, and providing ongoing systems support, Arrow Payments works to save your university time, money, and your reputation by adding P2PE protection and reducing security complexity, PCI compliance scope and the potential of a data breach.

 When you partner with Arrow, you receive the full-fledged payment technology consulting our clients have come to know, love, and truly benefit from. We provide you with extensive expertise to assist educational institutions, healthcare systems, and businesses of all sizes in implementing all-encompassing, PCI Compliant credit card payment processing and reconciliation solutions.

Reach out to us today for your complimentary credit card payment processing analysis and rate quote!


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