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Growth, collaboration, authentic communication, love, listening — these are some of our values at Arrow Payments. Our mission is to improve the life and lifestyle of our clients and team. Why? Because we recognize that business is personal. 

We strive to align with our vision: that we are trusted payment advisors who care deeply about protecting and growing our client’s success. Not only do we deliver strategic solutions for organizations with complex payment needs, but we aim to connect with those organizations on a personal level. 

Emotional Intelligence training is a big priority for us, which is why Arrow Payments is so different from other payments organizations. While we are constantly a work in progress, one of our biggest strengths is the ability to listen. 

Great Leadership Starts With Listening

We believe that great leadership starts with listening. This is why our entire team participates in round-the-year training with The Juno Institute. The Juno Institute believes that “great leadership sits at the heart of human connection, and great human connection sits at the heart of organizational success.” We couldn’t agree more. 

Listening is essential to sparking human connection. Great listening enables us to demonstrate to our clients, team members, and those watching us that we are paying attention to their behaviors, thoughts, and feelings. Not only does this contribute to positive and productive relationship building, but it improves communication. 

Real listening fosters trust and respect and shows the person to whom we are listening that we are interested in what they are saying and care. Listening also involves more than just the ears; non-verbal communication like eye contact or head nodding is a positive way to show that we are engaged. Active listening improves the chances of truly understanding another person’s needs, which makes us more able to serve them. 

Sure and steady practice at active listening has made us better payments professionals. In fact, listening has played a big role in helping us achieve our goals, which include giving clients: 

  • The ability to trust: Our clients look to us to provide recommendations they can rely upon and trust
  • Security: We help clients with certifications and compliance, and they have the confidence that we will check all the necessary boxes
  • Love and kindness: The heart of Arrow is our kindness. It is a priority to us to show acts of love and kindness for each other and our clients
  • Knowledge: We believe in educating our clients (and each other) by hosting webinars, lunch and learns, and other opportunities for training and growing
  • Options: Our clients depend on us to present them with the best choices of vendors and have confidence that we have done due diligence
  • Time: Our clients know that they have our focus and that we will always respond promptly. They know someone will always be there for them. 

To date, listening — along with our other values — has also allowed us to achieve the following: 

  • 13,707+ tasks, calls, emails, and client meetings
  • 1,710+ cases opened
  • 1,610+ cases closed
  • 136+ new MIDs opened

If you’re looking for a trusted payments partner that does business a little differently, schedule a free consultation with us today. We’re here to listen, engage, and collaborate with you to help you meet and exceed your goals.

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