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Local ATMs are a convenience that we’ve grown to trust, but a recent scamming report is telling us to do our due diligence before inserting your card into an ATM.

Last week, the Better Business Bureau & Chicago Police Department released statements saying that “skimming devices” were found on more than a dozen ATMs around Chicago and a few neighboring suburbs. “The devices, which are placed over and resemble normal card reader slots, capture a user’s information once they swipe their card and sends the data to the scammer” WTTW’s Chicago Tonight reported.

“Eight of the 13 skimming devices the CPD discovered were at Walgreens ATMs. Two others were found at Fifth Third Bank ATMs and one each was found at a Chase Bank, Associated Bank, and 7-Eleven.”

We have mapped out the sites where the skimmers were found below. If you have used any of these machines, stay vigilant about checking your bank statements.

Some ATMs are even being found with cameras installed on them to record PIN numbers being entered into the machine.

How can we protect our data in our own neighborhood?

  • Get Handsy: The BBB & CPD suggests that you touch, turn or twist the credit card slot to see if anything is out of the ordinary, “these [devices] are put on pretty easily with a little tape or a little glue. They’re not made to be placed permanently, sometimes they just slip on.” Steve Bernas, president, and CEO of the Chicago branch of the Better Business Bureau.
  • Cover the PIN pad when you’re entering your PIN to prevent any hidden camera from capturing your PIN.
  • Use Bank ATMs: Bank ATMs are inspected on a more regular basis than the stand-alone ATMs owned by 3rd parties.
  • Check your bank statements often: Review them to see if you notice any unusual charges or activity.

Remember, “the only way to put scams out of business is to not give them your business.” – Steve Bernas, president, and CEO of the Chicago branch of the Better Business Bureau.

Check out the full statements here & here

Stay Secure,

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