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Bryan Jurewicz, Arrow Payments team member since 2016

Bryan Jurewicz, COO & CRO at Arrow Payments, recently joined the Junto Institute podcast where he shared his experiences of leading by example both at work and at home. Athletics have long given Bryan a forum to develop his leadership skills and he talks to Raman about the evolution of how he came to be a believer in leading by example.

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How to Prep for PCI Compliance

How to Prep for PCI Compliance

Higher education faces a unique set of challenges when it comes to credit card security and PCI compliance. As compared to other businesses, higher education institutions operate with multiple units, departments, and campuses — each that accepts and processes a number...

What is EMV Compliance?

What is EMV Compliance?

Consumers want to make payments quickly, easily, and securely. For universities that accept payments across multiple departments — from bookstore payments to tuition payments — securing credit and debit card payments is not optional. Not only does it boost consumer...

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