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We love the topic of emotional intelligence (EI) and we aim to be emotionally intelligent people because we believe it’s critical for human relationships to thrive. We also believe it benefits people in a number of different ways. The ability to understand and manage one’s emotions and to be able to tap into the emotional states of others is an important skill to possess. 

This type of awareness fosters connection and improves communication between people, creating better relationships at home, with friends, and in the workplace. Better yet, it’s a skill that can be learned and improved upon. Honing this skill can help you respond appropriately across a wide range of experiences and circumstances. 

There are benefits when it comes to EI in business, too. The ability to harness EI makes better leaders – leaders who are capable of responding in positive ways to meet others’ needs. Emotional intelligence is so critical in this area that it can actually be a predictor of success. 

Here’s how. 

Highly Emotionally Intelligent People are Positive and Flexible

A high EI affords people more emotional bandwidth to deal with situations that may not be ideal. Rather than behaving at the mercy of their emotions, people with high EI can remain flexible and “go with the flow”, making it easier for them to work constructively with others. Being able to self-manage is crucial, not only to working well with others but also to staying motivated and adapting to changes in the workplace.

High EI Goes Hand-in-Hand with Empathy

People with a high EI have a great deal of self-awareness. This self-awareness enables them to have a greater capacity for empathy. By identifying and understanding your own emotions, it’s easier to understand how your words and actions can impact others. It’s also a handy skill for identifying the root of some less pleasant emotions – which is the first step in making change. 

Empathy is highly important in business relationships. It enables you to connect with others beyond a superficial level by considering their feelings. This fosters understanding and teamwork in the workplace. It creates a sense of collaboration and can catapult businesses to success more quickly than their less EI-savvy counterparts. 

EI Equals Better Customer Service

No matter what line of business you’re in, you’ll hardly find success without keeping customers happy. People with high EI are better able to connect with their target customers and build meaningful relationships. This has become a standout trait in a world that is quickly dominated by ecommerce. Businesses – and the people behind them – who can find unique, pleasant, and meaningful ways to connect with customers will set themselves apart from the competition and build loyalty. 

Emotionally Intelligent People Stay Motivated

Emotional intelligence supports a person’s internal drive. When people face challenges or obstacles, it can be easy to lose motivation. However, people who have the emotional intelligence to do some self-searching are better able to identify ways to overcome challenges. They are also better able to remember what motivated them in the first place. A high EI enables people to inspire themselves and channel their positive emotions into overcoming any challenges that come their way. 

Some people seem to be naturally gifted with a high EI; however, it is a skill that can be learned. Consider how you can build your emotional intelligence muscles and channel these newfound skills into something that brings you joy – and success.

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