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Keeping you informed about the latest scamming trick to keep you protected! Recently, a scam has been popping up around small businesses in Chicago, have you heard about it?

A women enters the store, schmoozes with the staff while picking out thousands of dollars in merchandise. At checkout, the woman requests to enter a code into the payment terminal, then swipes her card.

The cashier thinks they’ve made a great sale, but actually the code that the women had entered into the terminal has turned the terminal offline, letting the women get away with thousands of dollars of merchandise without paying.

Professional scammers and swindlers are all around us looking for ways to fraudulently run credit cards, and get away with it and your merchandise. Although, many of these hackers are difficult to spot in real life there are a few tips to keeping you and your business safe:

  1. Keep an eye out! Hackers may be hard to spot, but you can certainly keep an eye out for suspicious behavior. Things like asking to enter a code into the payment terminal before processing, or asking to enter in their card number instead of swiping or inserting the chip are not normal and should be dealt with with caution.

  2. Shred your business & personal information. Protecting your identity and your businesses assets is key! Keep confidential or personal information in a safe and secure place or make sure it is properly shredded to prevent hackers from stealing it.

  3. Ask Questions. If you notice anything suspicious, question the customer or contact your processing allies at Arrow Payments. Don’t wait! Reach out to us right away with any security concerns, PCI compliance questions or to discuss secure payment processing solutions.

Read more about the Chicago credit card scam here.

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