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Congratulations! You’ve just been appointed as University Treasurer. The new role is gratifying, but with it comes a great deal of responsibility. You are now a steward of the best secrets kept on campus: student and customer records, financial information and payment data. After analyzing the complexities within your university’s infrastructure, you realize that this highly valuable data is subject to PCI compliance and potentially vulnerable to a data breach. You need to complete an update of your legacy payment systems without any interruption of ongoing business processes. Naturally, you tap into the experience of the Arrow Payments team, the experts in secure campus payment systems. Let’s walk you through what that partnership would look like.

Let’s get in-formation (Discovery)

The first step involves having our payment experts consult with key members of the Treasury office to understand the university’s payment ecosystem, diagnose any underlying issues, determine institutional goals and establish unique department needs. This involves understanding each individual business unit. We would meet with each and every department throughout the university to understand their individual payment channels and software that handles University funds. For example, the payment systems required of the ticketing team in the athletics department might be very different from the needs of an online giving page for the alumni relations department. In addition, each of these departments likely connects customer information into different event, ticketing or CRM software systems. We gather all of those requirements and gain a deep understanding of the University’s payment infrastructure on your behalf. At the conclusion of the discovery process, you will be presented with a comprehensive report to share with your Treasury team stakeholders.

You realize that the Treasury team is resource strapped and doesn’t have time to figure out what works for each of your departments’ needs, let alone keeping campus payments secure. We’ve got you covered!

Go to the Head of the Class (Solution Selection)

During Solution Selection, Arrow will present a variety of state-of-the-art payment technologies including hardware terminals, mobile devices, payment gateways, reporting tools and reconciliation automation. Arrow will then help each merchant select the most appropriate technology to optimize data security, financial savings and work efficiency.

How do you know that you are working with experts in this continuously changing ecosystem? When we’re not providing continuous support to our clients, we’re researching vendor technologies and discovering the most innovating tools to help maximize your university’s stay funds, security and efficiency.

Our team works to fix any vulnerabilities, while reducing PCI scope by eliminating the storage and transmission of cardholder information (unless absolutely necessary) within your networks and encrypting credit card data using point to point encryption (P2PE). We develop innovative suggestions and solutions for your payment processing woes and help with implementations for ease of transition.

Immediately following our conversations, it strikes you that this might be the best thing that’s ever happened for payments at your university. The next morning, you pick up the phone and give us a call. We reach an agreement. Let the celebrations commence.

Rolling up the sleeves (Implementation)

Now that you have the stakeholders on board and excited about the new, more secure and efficient payment technologies, we’ll be there to manage the implementation across campus. Our team manages the heavy workload to provide a seamless, organized and well structured transition. Since transparency is key anytime change is taking place, Arrow communicates with department leaders, business managers and campus IT specialists to ensure that all interested parties act in unison during switchovers, upgrades and transitions. All throughout the implementation process, you and the Treasury office will be provided with regular progress updates.

The team on your team (Support)

Your campus is now secure with P2PE payment processing. You are saving money, not at risk for a data breach, and your departments are happy. Don’t worry, we’re still here to keep systems updated and evolving. The Arrow Payments team will continue to provide support with third party software providers (TPSPs), user training and new service implementations. We can do as much or as little as you wish to support your Treasury team and departments. Additionally, Arrow delivers ongoing education and consultation to departments and merchants across campus. Worried about annual PCI compliance for each of your departments? Don’t be, we’ve got you covered there as well.

Not a dream…we’ve done this before

Still not convinced? We understand. After all, the proof is in the pudding, so to speak. Click this PCI Council case study here to see how we provide full-service project management and ongoing support for Northwestern University’s payment processing systems.


*Arrow works alongside higher education institutions to provide solutions for more than just their payment processing systems. We proudly offer assistance with and solutions for P2PE Processing, PCI Scope Elimination, Advanced Reconciliation, and the consultation and analytics of Donation & Fundraising efforts.

We know merchants use different tools depending on their business needs. Arrow believes a wide portfolio of strong vendor relationships gives your merchants the best options. We’ll consolidate communication between all aspects of payment processing to give the benefits of working with one company without decreasing the number of solutions available.

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