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It’s not easy Streamlining Payments & Optimizing PCI to Reduce Complexity, Risks, Headaches & Costs.

Every higher education institution is challenged to deliver university payments and PCI support across decentralized departments. This is especially true considering the unique merchant services needs of tuition, dining, bookstores, athletic tickets, parking, donations, and other various software systems. Trying to figure this out on your own and learning as you go is not a viable long-term strategy. It’s also difficult to hire staff experienced in managing all of the constantly evolving technology, security, and compliance requirements. That’s why Arrow Payments delivers dedicated university merchant services, payments, and PCI compliance support. We’ll help you discover, implement, and manage the most advanced solutions. Let us make you the hero in achieving your school’s goals!

Searching for University Payments & PCI Support to respond to critical issues & requests?

Look no further than Arrow Payments for an entire team of dedicated specialists. We have 15+ years of merchant services and PCI compliance experience. We work with Ivy League, Big Ten, Pac-12, ACC, State Universities, and Community Colleges of all sizes. Our PCI-certified PCIPs (Payment Card Industry Professionals) and QIRs (Qualified Integrators & Resellers) help manage your existing systems with support to:

  • Evaluate Payment Systems & Recommend Solutions
  • Improve Payment Processing & PCI Policies
  • Review PCI Compliance & Uncover Risks
  • Manage Vendors & Merchant Support
  • Order & Set Up MIDs & P2PE Devices
  • Configure Payment Gateways
  • Manage Online Marketplaces
  • Track PCI SAQs & Training
  • Analyze Statements & Fees
  • Solve Transaction Issues
  • Troubleshoot Terminals
  • Train Users
  • Automate Reconciliation
  • Determine VOIP Solutions
  • Coordinate Chargeback Responses

Want to quickly benefit from University PCI Support & Payment Solutions?

Don’t waste valuable time and money on lengthy RFPs that only result in the cheapest vendors, exclusive contracts, and limited flexibility. Unfortunately, RFPs can cost more than they save when considering the expense of hiring consultants and months or years lost waiting for solutions. Instead, you can avoid cumbersome procurement processes by taking advantage of your school’s E&I Cooperative Membership and Arrow Payments’ E&I Negotiated Contract. We understand every institution is different and offer various service levels tailored to meet your budget. Moreover, Arrow Payments will help find the fastest, easiest, and most secure solutions to meet the needs of every merchant.

Our Beliefs… Payments shouldn’t be so complex, costly & confusing.

Arrow Payments is not a processor, we don’t build our own technology, and we don’t limit your options. Instead, we operate as an extension of your team. We will manage your institution’s current systems and determine the best strategies. Our goal is your goal… To reduce the overall expense of payments, PCI, and treasury operations. In addition, Arrow Payments is not a QSA providing you with a list of issues for your team to figure out. We get in the weeds with you to solve challenges, simplify processes, and make your entire payments ecosystem more secure and efficient.

Our Values… Listening, Love, Collaboration, Authenticity & Growth

Did you know Arrow Payments is a woman-owned business certified WBE by WBENC. Our Founder & CEO Deborah Jackson initially started the company in 2005. She wanted to prioritize honesty and create clarity within the confusing payments industry. She didn’t like the deceptive business practices of payment processors and felt merchants deserved someone on their side. Likewise, we understand the success of our clients is our success. Today, Arrow Payments is committed to building long-lasting relationships based on mutual respect and exceeding expectations.

Our Mission… Improve the lives and lifestyles of our clients and team.

We research and recommend cost-effective technologies that integrate across entire campuses without disrupting existing business practices. With our experience across different-sized schools across the country, we are able to benchmark a university’s payment processing and create a PCI compliance best practices roadmap. We know what works and what it costs to achieve success. By partnering with Arrow Payments, higher education clients can move faster and rest assured they are receiving customized solutions. Are you ready to improve merchant services for your departments and customer experience for students, alumni, and donors? Let us free you to focus your attention on the responsibilities that achieve your university’s mission. In turn, we’ll help ensure your institution is more secure and efficient.

Contact Arrow Payments today for a Free Consultation to discuss your school’s goals.

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