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Enterprise Business Development

Job Mission:

What is the primary responsibility for this position?

The Enterprise Business Development Team is ultimately responsible for building Arrow Payments’ sales pipeline by generating leads, cultivating meaningful relationships with qualified opportunities and ultimately securing new clients.


  • Location: Remote (some travel required)
  • 3 years of sales experience (preferably Enterprise sales)


  1. Need for Achievement: Sets demanding personal goals. Is ambitious. Strives for excellence. Willing to work as hard as necessary to get things done.
  2. Persuasion: Builds a good case, taking customer needs into account. Closes compellingly. Enjoys selling, negotiating, and changing others’ point of view. Stays calm under pressure.
  3. Interpersonal Savvy: Relates well to all kinds of people. Builds appropriate rapport. Uses diplomacy and tact. Can diffuse even high-tension situations comfortably. Strong ability to read the room (knows when to push and when to be patient).
  4. Organization: Is disciplined and methodical. Detail-oriented. Is organized and orderly. Checks thoroughly to avoid mistakes. Tracks opportunities and contacts. Task-oriented. Follows up.
  5. Technical / Functional Skills: Has the functional and technical skills to do the job at a high level of accomplishment. (Understanding of complex terminology / solutions).
  6. Optimism: Expects to succeed. Remains resilient in the face of difficulties.
  7. Confidence: Is unfazed by rejection. Not offended by difficult buyers. Feels self-assured. Freely expresses opinions or concerns.



  • Create a prospect list based on ideal client profile
  • Research & identify the key decision maker(s) at each prospect
  • Contact potential leads (email, phone, networking events, etc.) that meet Ideal Client Profile criteria
  • Schedule pre-qualification meeting
  • Document activity related information in CRM


  • Identify if prospect’s needs fit Arrow Payment’s services
  • If yes, then schedule presentation (qualification) meeting
  • Build relationships with strategic & channel partners
  • Document prospect related information in CRM
  • Set agenda for presentation (qualification) meeting


  • Assist in preparing presentation materials
  • Participate in presentation (qualification) meetings
  • Document qualification-related information in CRM
  • Follow-up with prospect confirming next-steps


  • Assist in developing proposals (for Discovery)
  • Participate in proposal review meeting
  • Follow-up with prospect confirming next-steps


  • Part I: Participate in final proposal review meeting (for Discovery)
  • Part II: Participate in proposal review meeting (for Solutions)

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