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WMU Streamlines University Payment Systems

Achieving P2PE and PCI compliance objectives in a cost-efficient and timely manner.

The Overview

WMU Partners with Arrow for a Holistic Approach to Payment Services

Western Michigan University leans on Arrow Payments for expertise and scalable resources to implement point-to-point encryption (P2PE) and identify and install the right P2PE devices or equipment.

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The Challenge

To reach PCI compliance and improve payment services for nearly 23,000 students, staff, and its active alumni network, WMU needed to streamline payments and improve overall data security.

The Solution

A 4-phase project uncovered needs across campus, identified best-fit solutions, designed an implementation plan, and achieved long-term PCI compliance and data tracking wins for the university.

The Outcome

After conducting an efficient implementation plan, WMU gained campuswide efficiencies, PCI compliance, and improved reporting and tracking — and WMU continues to partner with Arrow for ongoing support.

We were struggling to keep track of all merchants. We now have a single vendor, and reporting and tracking is a hundred times better. Also, we no longer have to contact donors and get their credit card numbers again, as the new system stores them for us, and everything is PCI compliant.

Lynda Hunt

Associate Director of Foundation Accounting and Finance, Western Michigan University

The Challenge

Busy Team Needed Expertise and Resources to Achieve P2PE Goals

Western Michigan University desired to streamline payment services to better support students, staff, and alumni and meet compliance requirements.

Yet officials at the university knew people resources were tied up in other strategic projects and even if they could be freed up, would require timely onboarding and education to successfully implement the plan.



We realized that we did not have the expertise to determine which devices fit best, and we did not have the physical resources to implement them in each department in a timely manner.

Jeffery Long

Director of Accounting Services, Western Michigan University

The Solution

A Four-Phase Holistic Approach to Payment Services Solutions

Arrow Payments uses a four-phase holistic approach to illuminate challenges and offer solutions: discovery, solution development, implementation and support.

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Launched a holistic assessment

Our team conducted surveys and visited every campus department with payment systems to identify challenges, security needs, and payment requirements.

Identified PCI compliant solutions

We supported weekly check-ins and town hall meetings to discuss PCI compliance, creating an efficient implementation plan and gaining buy-in from all stakeholders.

Procured and installed equipment

Once the right PCI compliant solutions were identified, we ordered and installed the hardware and equipment across campus. We now provide ongoing support.

Staff have bought into ensuring that their departments are PCI compliant.

Jeffrey Long

Director of Accounting Services, Western Michigan University

The Outcome

WMU Achieved PCI Goals and Improved Transaction Tracking

As a comprehensive partner in university payment processing solutions and PCI compliance, Arrow Payments helped WMU not only achieve the short-term goals of the project, but also move towards more streamlined processes overall.

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Achieved PCI Compliance

By installing P2PE devices across campus and implementing an effective PCI compliant solution, WMU maintains compliance and offers better data security.

Improved donor relations

By removing old equipment and streamlining payment processors, WMU made donations easier, cutting back on lost revenue due to bad experiences or malfunctioning equipment.

Simplified payments for card users

P2PE equipment enables the university to offer more efficient and desirable payment methods for cardholders, offering an increase in overall customer satisfaction.

Optimized reporting and tracking

New efficiencies and process improvements due to upgraded equipment gives WMU improved visibility by consolidating reports with one vendor portal — instead of three.

Their customer service has been above and beyond in following up on issues, many of which I would not consider as part of their responsibilities.

Jeffery Long

Director of Accounting Services, Western Michigan University

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Streamline Payment Services. Give Your Team the Support it Needs.

The world of university payment services is only become more complex. Give your finance team support, increase revenue, and address PCI compliance with Arrow Payments.

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